Australian Willow Tree Pros And Cons

Pros of the Australian Willow Tree

The Australian Willow tree (Geijera parviflora), popularly known as the ‘weeping willow of Australia’ has become a favourite of many property owners. Plant experts often talk up this hardy, low-maintenance evergreen for its many advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of the Australian Willow Tree:

  • Tough & Safe: These trees are well-known for their resilience and wind/salt tolerance. It has also been verified that these trees do not actively contain debris, making them a safe choice for places around children or pets.
  • Versatile: The Australian Willow Tree is an evergreen that can hold its own in the landscape for an extended period of time, without ever needing replacement. It works great in any sized garden or landscape, whether it’s a backyard, condo balcony, or a city park.
  • Fast Growing: If properly taken care of, the Australian Willow Tree can grow up to 30cm in a single year, making it a hassle free choice of landscaping.
  • Tolerant of Hot Weather: The Australian Willow Tree can thrive in areas of Australia with hot weather conditions, even during droughts.

Cons of the Australian Willow Tree

No perfect creation exists, and so does the Australian Willow Tree. Here are some of the cons of the tree:

  • Potential Allergy Problems: Pollen from the Australian Willow Tree can travel far, causing allergies that may be a nuisance to the neighbours. The pollen is spread by the wind, so a potential allergic reaction may come from neighbouring properties too.
  • Roots Can Damage Sewage Systems: The roots of the Australian Willow Tree can be invasive, presenting a problem in home gardens and landscaping areas. Its roots are known to cause damage to sewage systems, creating costly remedies for homeowners.
  • The Branches Grow Low: As the tree matures, its branches tend to spread out in a ‘weeping’ motion, close to the ground. This can result in blocking the sunlight, causing shade that may require pruning to avoid damage to other plants in the area.
  • Conclusion

    The Australian Willow Tree does present some drawbacks, but its general purpose and availability across Australia makes it an attractive choice for many. Its perks outweigh its cons, and with proper management, it can become a safe and reliable addition to any open space.

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