Can I Get Drafted If I Have Asthma

Can I Get Drafted If I Have Asthma?

The short answer is yes, you can be drafted into the military if you have asthma.

When considering a career in the military, many individuals with asthma may worry that they won’t qualify to serve due to the nature of asthma and it’s physical impact on a person’s life. However, the military has loosened their eligibility requirements to allow more individuals with asthma to be drafted and serve in the military.

While many people with mild to moderate asthma may be eligible to serve in the military, those with severe asthma may experience special challenges that may limit their ability to enlist. Here are some of the criteria the military considers for asthma:

Asthma Severity Criteria

  • The severity of the condition, whether it is mild or severe.
  • Whether the asthma symptoms have caused physical limitations or deterioration of physical skills.
  • If so, has this been treated, and is the asthma management plan allowing for physical improvement?
  • Have there been any exacerbations necessitating more frequent medical visits?
  • The type of medications used to treat the asthma.

The military’s evaluation of an applicant’s asthma is based on the applicant’s individual medical history and any impairment caused by the asthma to their ability to perform at their best in basic military training and future mission requirements.

Additionally, the military will assess how well the applicant is managing their asthma with diet, medications, and lifestyle. The military will also consider any additional treatments that have been used, such as a formal exercise program or an asthma action plan used to monitor reactions and modify medications accordingly.

Overall, if an individual’s asthma is mild or adequately controlled with medications, treatment and lifestyle modifications, he or she is likely to be accepted for enlistment and may serve a successful career in the military.

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