Dying Light 2 Call Damien Over The Radio

Damien’s Call Over the Radio in “Dying Light 2”

The eagerly-anticipated game “Dying Light 2” is providing fans with a unique twist to the series: Damien’s call over the radio. The storyline of the game involves deciding the future of the city of Harran according to choices you make, and Damien’s call summarises exactly how gamers will be able to do that.

Who is Damien?

Damien is one of the central characters in the Dying Light story. A survivor of the zombie apocalypse, Damien is that rare combination of both a fighter and a visionary. He is the leader of a city of survivors living in the slums of the city of Harran, and his voice of reason is often sought when the stakes are high.

How Does it Work?

Damien’s call over the radio works by offering insightful guidance about the choices the player can make throughout the game. Based on the player’s actions, Damien’s warnings, advice and moral compass will be vital to the progress of the story.

By choosing between widespread destruction and strategic alliances, gamers will have to decide how to shape the destiny of their chosen faction in the game. The radio call from Damien acts as a guide on how their decisions may affect the future of the city, and ultimately the fate of the survivors living there.

What Other Benefits Does the Radio Provide?

The radio call from Damien is not just a simple story device. It provides players with a number of other benefits throughout the game.

  • Tips and Tricks – Damien will provide you with tips and tricks on how to stay alive and survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Extra Challenges – Damien can also provide gamers with extra challenges for even more replay value.
  • Progress Updates – You’ll also be able to get progress updates from Damien, as well as partial maps so you’ll know where to look for important items.


In summary, the call from Damien over the radio in “Dying Light 2” offers a unique story-telling device and provides gamers with valuable guidance on how to shape the destiny of Harran. So, stay alert and keep listening for his call in the game!

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