Pool Ionizer Pros And Cons

What is a Pool Ionizer?

A pool ionizer is a device used to purify and sanitize swimming pools using copper and silver ions. It is an alternative to adding chemicals such as chlorine to control bacteria and algae. The pool ionizer works by releasing a stream of copper and silver ions into the pool water. The ions attach to the bacteria and algae, breaking down the cell wall and eliminating the organisms from the water.

Pros of Using a Pool Ionizer

  • Effective Way to Sanitize Pool Water: Pool ionizers are an effective way to keep your pool water free of bacteria and algae. Tests conducted over many years show that bacteria count can be reduced by over 99%.
  • Environmental Friendly: Pool ionizers do not emit any harmful chemicals, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine-based sanitizing methods.
  • No Strong Odours: Chlorine and other chemical treatments can give off strong odours while pool ionizers do not produce odours.
  • Cost Effective: Pool ionizers are a cost-effective way to sanitize and purify your swimming pool since there is no need to buy and store large amounts of chemicals such as chlorine.

Cons of Using a Pool Ionizer

  • Need Regular Maintenance: Pool ionizers require regular maintenance such as cleaning and replacing parts. If not properly cared for, the device can become clogged, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Short Lifespan: Pool ionizers have a shorter lifespan than chemical treatments such as chlorine. The device may need to be replaced after a few years of use.
  • May Not Be Suitable for Every Pool: Pool ionizers may not be suitable for every pool. High levels of calcium and other minerals can inhibit the effectiveness of the device, necessitating a switch back to chemical treatments.

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