What Is The Opposite Of Brown

The Opposite of Brown

Brown is a color that can have different shades and hues. Its opposite color on the color wheel is known as a complementary color. Depending on what shade of brown you are looking at, the opposite of brown can vary slightly.

Shades of Brown and Their Complements

The following are the most common shades of brown and their complements:

  • Beige – The complementary color of beige is purple.
  • Light Brown – The complementary color of light brown is blue.
  • Tan – The opposite color of tan is green.
  • Dark Brown – The complementary color of dark brown is yellow.

No matter what hue, tint, or shade of brown you are dealing with, the opposite color on the color wheel is known as the complementary color. This color can be used to provide the perfect contrast to any brownish color.

The Opposite of Brown

Brown may not be widely regarded as a color associated with certain emotions or concepts, but it does have a clear “opposite.” That opposite is a color called peach, and in this post, we’ll be investigating what this color is all about.

What is Peach?

Peach is a lighter shade of orange that is very soft and muted. It’s often regarded as a calming and inviting color, and when paired with lighter shades of pink it can bring a sense of serenity to a room. It’s often used in home decor and fashion, as it’s a color that is easy to pair with other colors.

Finding the Right Shade of Peach

To get the right shade of peach, it’s important to pay attention to the tones in the color. For example, some peach shades may have a yellow undertone while others may have a pink undertone. Depending on what you are looking for, one of these options may be more fitting than the other.

What to Pair with Peach

If you chose to use peach as decor, there are a number of colors that would look great with it. Here is a list of colors to pair with peach:

  • White: White is the perfect neutral color to pair with peach. It brings a bright and airy feel to the room.
  • Yellow: A light shade of yellow will look great when contrasted with a peach background. It gives off a cheerful and summery feeling.
  • Light Blue: Light blue is a great way to bring a calming vibe to a room. It will look great against a peach backdrop.
  • Gray: If you don’t want the room to be too bright, you can use light gray to provide a softer contrast with peach. It will help the room feel more relaxed.


In conclusion, the opposite of brown is peach. This soft and muted color is perfect for home decor, fashion, and much more. In addition, it’s easy to find the right shade of peach by paying attention to the tones in the color. Lastly, there are plenty of colors to pair with peach such as white, yellow, light blue, and gray.

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